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Frequent questions


General questions
What is the difference between the MMS Citrus and the MMS HCL?
The result and the way of use is exactly the same, the difference is that citrus has traditionally 
been used as an activator, but there have been some people (very few)
who have had citrus acid badly, even some are allergic, Has begun to use the HCL, which is nothing
other than hydrochloric acid reduced to 4%. Being the same acid we have in the stomach, there are no
problems of incompatibility, and it is a little softer than citric acid. So if you have already been taking it with citrus and it has gone well, you can continue taking it with
citrus, but if it is the first time you will take it, we recommend the HCL, so you can be sure that it is not
going Have no problem. What is CDS? The CDS is water with a saturation of chlorine dioxide, and can be done in the home with the MMS.
On the page: www.clorito.com you can see the videos of Dr. Querri Rivera,
in which she explains how to do it in a simple way. We do not have it for sale, since we consider that it is oneself that should do it, since after its preparation,
it has a reduced expiration date and it is always necessary
to preserve it refrigerated, even in its distribution, so it would be expensive For the producer and for
the customer, that's why we recommend doing it easily in your home. On the other hand, the advantage of the CDS is that it is purer and has no bad taste, so it may be more
recommended for serious cases where it is necessary to take a lot.

Can MMS be given to animals?
Yes, it is perfectly safe. Bear in mind that dogs, for example, do not tolerate acidic flavors, so if we activate
the MMS and add water, they probably will not take it ...
This is solved by adding chicken broth or meat instead of water , And this is giving very good results. You can also add a few drops of sodium chlorite only, unactivated, in the container with water that gives your
dogs every day, for less serious cases, and also as prevention. Can DMSO be taken orally? Yes, it can also be taken orally. Recently it has been discovered that adding to the MMS after activating it
and before pouring the water, enhances the effect as it causes it
to be absorbed faster. It is especially suitable for cases that have to do with digestive problems. Is it necessary to store the MMS in the refrigerator? No, it is not necessary. You can store it in any piece of furniture, and will hold it without expiring easily for up to 4 years. I want to buy a product that has no stock. What I can do? For more information regarding the availability of the product contact us using our contact form. I want to receive more information than the one on the web. What should I do? In this case please contact us using our contact form, or call us at 670 80 95 79.

Products and orders
How can I search for a product?

If you want to search for a particular product, use the search module at the top of the page. Enter the information 
you want to search and if it is found on the web, a list of results will be displayed. I am a legal person. Can I buy on this website? Yes, MMS Sodium Chlorite - Buy Online Shop Oxi Gen (clorito.es) accepts orders from legal entities as well.
To receive a bill with the correct information of your company,
please fill in all the fields in the purchase process. What should I do if I want my order shipped to another address than the address
mentioned in my user account?
After adding and confirming the products of your shopping cart, the system allows you to specify another
address for sending your order.

Manage my user account
I can not remember my account password. What I do?

If you do not remember your password, use the password recovery option, which you find on the login page.
How can I change the information in my user account?
To modify the information in your user account you must log in and in the Account Information section
you have the option to update account.
Do I need to have an account to be able to buy?
No, it is not necessary, it is by default selected quick order, although the account can be created even after adding
the products to your shopping cart.
Can I change my order after I place it?
If you want to change your order, please contact us using our contact form. You must do it before 2:00 pm, otherwise
the expedition order would be processed and it would be late.
Can I see information about my previous orders?
You can view your previous orders on the Orders page.